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Custom Designed Electric Guitars by Phil Wayne

Custom Art Guitars

Phil Wayne Guitar Artist are primarily custom made to order.  Other than those, only about 8 to 10 custom instruments are produced each year and each instrument has been handcrafted here in the USA, personally named and unique to itself.  So when you own a Custom Phil Wayne Art guitar, you own a unique masterpiece.  No one else has one like yours and no one ever will. -

" Bravo!!! Just an unbelievable guitar!  You're pictures didn't do it proper justice.  In person this thing looks absolutely incredible.  I've never seen nothing like it and it plays and sounds as good as it looks.  Besides the guys in the band, last friday nite at the gig there were no less than 10 people that came over to admire it and check it out.  BRAVO again and again.  You'll be hearing again from me soon.  Thanx." - Bobby Hands

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