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Ed MCcurdy The Blues Man

Born and raised in the Washington D.C.area of Arlington Virginia, Ed was also raised with a musical and artistic family backround as well. Eds father stage name (Terry O' Reiglly) mac McCurdy was a professional trumpeter and composer back in the days of big band and gangsters.An era his father loved and an era that peaks Eds interest each time he thinks about the ole days of music. Ed started out on the alto sax when he was about 8 yrs old. His interest in the reeded instrument did not hold out for long.So he became attached with the idea of becoming a drummer. Like his father said if your going to play the drums you have to play with the ole school Gene Crupa and Buddy Rich modo.” Lightly and Polightly”. So Ed realized he had a GOD given talent as he quickly progressed with percussion. He was top of his game in each class of elementary, Jr. High, And High School. During his teen years at the age of 14 he realized he had the natural ability to play piano and write music.

His first keyboard was a tiny Casio that he practiced and learn the art of religously until he felt comfortable with knowing his place with the instrument. So his thoughts were like He played the drums he would master each instrument as well including Guitar, Blues Harp, Bass and Vocals.

Ed has made quite a difference in communities throughout the East coast of the U.S. His last main accomplishment was making a huge name for himself and community amateur and professional players in Florida. Sought out as one of the best of the Blues and RB composers and one of the most powerful stage performers you will ever see and hear. He is humble and does not believe in abusing GODS natural Gift of music.

Ed has had the opportunity to work with some legends in the business .John Ellison (Writer of “Some Kinda Wonderful”), Ronnie Byrd Foster (Drummer for Roy Buchanan), Sonny Rhodes (Blues Legend), Maurice Fields, Faye Henderson, Willie Lee of “The Cats In The House” Sanford Florida. Odell Maxwell legendary blues Harp player. Ed has opened for Skynard,Foreigner,Blue Oyster Cult,Albert Collins, and many more great artists. His biggest accomplishment with recording was and still pending projects with The Legendary Mark Johnson of Cold Weather Records in Nashville. Mark Johnson is a writer for Disney Pixar and Ed is proud to call him a brother. Mark Johnson produced Ed McCurdys first Nashville album with the help of Willie Lee, childhood friend of Marks.

Ed moved form in the Shenandoah valley to Florida a number of years ago. He is available for recording and performance services 24/7 so send him and email and who knows maybe some magic can happen.

Ed despises that egotistical attitude that some artists have thinking they are better than everyone else. He does not promote that kind of negative feel nor will he ever be one of those people. Instead he wants others to teach those who have the wrong attitudes to have the right attitude to give their gifts and not be selfish with them.This thinking is one of the main reasons why Ed McCurdy has been and continues to be successful.

You got to suffer if you want to sing the blues!

MP3'S -
Making Love - 6 oclock blues
Produced by Mark Johnson and co Produced by Willie Lee of Nashville Tn Coldweather Music

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