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USAMusician.net works with some of the finest, multi-talented musicians and vocalists in our area. We have a list of successful Live Music Entertainment professionals who have been in business and performing together for many years - Some of our musicians have performed exciting live music at hundreds of weddings, parties, corporate events, clubs, fund raisers, dinner dances, concerts, holiday parties and award shows. Call 703-722-6012

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Please use this board for "only musicians looking for other musicians" we would like to keep this board free of cluttler and self promotion etc. At the same we are interested in working with musicians and venues to raise the bar for us all. -
Hagerstown MD Musicians Forum

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We are looking for musicians that want to share and start a "USA Musician House Concert Series". We get calls all the time from musicans saying hey man we are passing though your area and are looking to play a house concert and make some money. At that point I ask them are you willing get a house concert series going in your home town? That question either ends the call up or they keep on talking about how great they are and how it's all about them...

The question is how many musicians and business people see outside the box?
USA Musicians Networking Forum

Our goal is to bring families and musicians together to celebrate life as a community.

USAMusician.net Welcomes: Phil Wayne Guitar Artist

Phil Wayne Art guitars are primarily custom made to order.  Other than those, only about 8 to 10 custom instruments are produced each year and each instrument has been handcrafted here in the USA, personally named and unique to itself.  So when you own a Custom Phil Wayne guitar art, you own a unique masterpiece.  No one else has one like yours and no one ever will. - www.strikingguitars.com

" Bravo!!! Just an unbelievable guitar!  You're pictures didn't do it proper justice.  In person this thing looks absolutely incredible.  I've never seen nothing like it and it plays and sounds as good as it looks.  Besides the guys in the band, last friday nite at the gig there were no less than 10 people that came over to admire it and check it out.  BRAVO again and again.  You'll be hearing again from me soon.  Thanx." - Bobby Hands

Fine Handmade Acoustic Guitars
by Jim Sullivan Guitars

The home of quality handmade guitars, hand built by luthier and master craftsman Jim Sullivan. If your looking for a handmade acoustic guitar with outstanding sound, playability, and attention to detail, then a Sullivan Guitar is the answer to your dreams. Sullivan handmade guitars are truly one of a kind artisan built guitars with the absence of mediocrity. Jim Sullivan uses a special patented bracing system in the side assembly that changes how the guitar works, producing much more volume and superior frequency response in a small bodied guitar. Try a Sullivan handmade acoustic guitar and you'll be hooked for life. Jim Sullivan Guitars - Handmade Acoustic Guitar Gallery

Jim, I came across your ezine article about handmade guitars. The article,though quite well written, isn't nearly as convincing as actually playing one of your guitars. I,ve personally had the pleasure of both hearing and playing a "Sullivan" guitar and I can honestly say that it was the best finger style instrument I have ever come across! So much for your article. - Tom Edwards, Nashville,Tn 

Jim Sullivan — Acoustic Guitar Corner and Sullivan Guitars

Guitars For Sale by Jim Sullivan >>>

"Jim Sullivan is truly a master guitar builder. If you are looking for a guitar that feels and sounds like the best guitar you have ever played and a guitar that you can hand down and keep in the family, I recommend you drive down to TN and pick one out today." - Mark Barreres

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A Tribute to the BEST USA Musicians of All Time
Let's face it people the USA has put out some GREAT musicians from the 1920's to our day!
Check out our new page as of Oct 1st 2008 - And add your favorite musician

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"The possibilities are endless, the task is to identify and work with team players only...

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