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David Bromberg

“He has such control of his audience that he can, at one moment, hold it in his hand with a tender, touching yet funny anecdotal songset it romping and stomping with a raucous bit of raunch. He is electrifying.” - NY Times

Raised in Tarrytown, NY, Bromberg attended Columbia University in the 1960s and studied guitar with Reverend Gary Davis during that period. He has played with many famous musicians, including Jerry Jeff Walker, Willie Nelson, Jorma Kaukonen, Jerry Garcia, and Bob Dylan, and co-wrote the song "The Holdup", with former Beatle George Harrison, who played on Bromberg's self-titled 1971 album.

He began releasing albums of his own in the early 1970s on Columbia Records. His seven-minute rendition of "Mr. Bojangles" from 1972's Demon in Disguise, interspersed with tales about traveling with song author Jerry Jeff Walker, earned progressive rock radio airplay. -

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The Future of American Music Hangs In the Balance - Never have so few companies controlled so much of the music played on the radio and for sale at retail stores. At the same time, there are more bands and more ways to discover their music than ever. Music seems to have split in two – the homogenous corporate product that is spoonfed to consumers and the diverse independent music that finds devoted fans online and at clubs across the country. - Watch now 1:28:26

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