"I have recently purchased a Sullivan Guitar and I want to say that the craftsmanship far surpassed my expectations. The quality of sound acoustically and electrically is way better than any guitar I have ever Played" - Martin NYC - Nashvillle TN Handmand Guitars

Nashville TN Handmade Guitars - Fine Acoustic Guitars

Fine Handmade Acoustic Guitars Nashville TN Call 615-325-6445
by Jim Sullivan Guitars - Fine Acoustic Guitars

The home of quality handmade guitars, hand built by luthier and master craftsman Jim Sullivan. If your looking for a handmade acoustic guitar with outstanding sound, playability, and attention to detail, then a Sullivan Guitar is the answer to your dreams. Sullivan handmade guitars are truly one of a kind artisan built guitars with the absence of mediocrity. Jim Sullivan uses a special patented bracing system in the side assembly that changes how the guitar works, producing much more volume and superior frequency response in a small bodied guitar. Try a Sullivan handmade acoustic guitar and you'll be hooked for life. Jim Sullivan Guitars - Handmade Acoustic Guitar Gallery

Jim, I came across your ezine article about handmade guitars. The article,though quite well written, isn't nearly as convincing as actually playing one of your guitars. I,ve personally had the pleasure of both hearing and playing a "Sullivan" guitar and I can honestly say that it was the best finger style instrument I have ever come across! So much for your article. - Tom Edwards, Nashville,Tn 

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"Jim Sullivan is truly a master guitar builder. If you are looking for a guitar that feels and sounds like the best guitar you have ever played and a guitar that you can hand down and keep in the family, I recommend you drive down to TN and pick one out today." - Mark Barreres

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