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Baltimore Songwriters Association  
Boston Songwriters Workshop (BSW)  
Bucks County Folk Song Society  
Carolina Association of Songwriters (CAOS)  
Charlottesville Area Songwriters Association (CASA)  
Dallas Songwriters Association (DSA)  
Fort Bend Songwriters Association (FBSA)  
Hawai'i Songwriters Association  
Indianapolis Songwriters Association  
International Songwriters Guild (I.S.G.) of Orlando, FL  
Island Songwriters Showcase (ISS)  
Just Plain Folks  
The Midwestern Songwriters' Alliance (MSA)  
Minnesota Association of Songwriters (MAS)  
Northern California Songwriters Association (NCSA)  
Songwriting Organizations(General)  
Songwriters Guild of America (SGA)  
Nashville Online  
Indianapolis Songwriters Association  
Pittsburgh Songwriters Association  
Southern Utah Songwriting School  
(VOCAL) Virginia Organization of Composers And Lyricists  
S.P.C.Songwriters & Poets Critique  
United Songwriters

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Ever been in an unfamiliar city, dying for a place to play tonight?
Or at home, new song needing a tryout? Me too. Might be nice to have one
comprehensive place to look... so let's all help build it. -

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