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Scott Murray

Scott moved to Nashville in the early 1990's. While there, he opened for Emmylou Harris, Bruan Bowers, Goose Creek Symphony and Suzy Bogguss. He also shared the state with Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Shelby Lynn, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kathy Mattea and Henry Gross. Scott was named Grand Prize winner at the Gumtree Folk Festival, and was a regular performer at Townes Van Zandt's bar in Nashville.

Before leaving Nashville and returning home to Virginia, Scott wrote and produced the songs on his second album, "Short Stories." Two of these songs were selected by Virginia-based DCD Records in 1998 to appear on a compilation of Shenandoah artists. Shortly after the release of this compilation, "In the Shadow of the Blue Ridge," the Canadian Games Commission and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation accepted one song for consideration for the 1999 Pan American Games. The song, "Manitoba, " was written by Canadian Dean Sayln and sung by Scott Christopher Murray.

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Ron Newsome making music with his drums...

Ron Newsome, Drummer/Percussionist, and native of Philadelphia, grew up in a musical household Influenced by his Mother, a professional dancer, and his Father’s mastery of the guitar, lead to his love of percussion. Rhythm and music was a theme that began to take shape for him early on. Playing drums came naturally for Ron, who started at the age of 6 on oatmeal boxes and by the age of 10, he was playing on every piece on furniture in the house. His parents realized that buying a set of drums was not an option, if they wanted to save the rest of the furniture in the house. Ron inherited those artistic genes and by 14 years of age had his own band and bookings.

As a teenager, he studied with private instructors for many years, learning the basics to advanced techniques, and took majors in music in High School and College.

Ron is a “band” drummer. He possesses the social and musical skills necessary to glue a musical group together. He has been a member of, and, led many successful bands with his supportive professional attitude. One of the most successful Top 40 bands was "Sound Trek", which played all throughout Philadelphia for 10 years straight. After that, he played his way to Florida and joined the South West Florida Jazz Society where he had an opportunity to play and learn Jazz from many of the retired greats from the TV industry. Now a resident of Central Virginia, he brings his wealth of experience to a musically rich area.

"My ultimate goal", says Ron, "is to attain a level the likes of Buddy Rich, Art Blakey, and Anton Fig" "These legends not only could make drums swing, they could make them sing. "He further states: "I’ve been playing for many years but as I've often said: 'there’s always something new to learn'. I feel a good musician never finds complacency, never stops leaning; there's always room for improvement. "


Dave Eakin and Steve Hoke blend of original, traditional and contemporary string music pays tribute to some of the great songwriters and pickers of the rural music tradition while remaining wholly unique.

Dave was born in raised in Rockbridge County, long-known for having far more than its fair share of world class musicians. Dave is no exception. He grew up singing and playing around Virginia in a variety of country, rock, and acoustic groups. His tremendous voice is an assortment of contradictions: worn but smooth, expressive but understated, lonesome but hopeful. When Dave sings and plays, it reflects the mastery that comes only from having played thousands of shows. - Mountain Music of Virginia - Lexington, VA Musicians - Roanoke Valley Musicians - Shenandoah Valley Musicians



Lee has been performing at local spots here in the Shenandoah Valley since 1995, and has been a regular at Skyland Lodge and Big Meadows since 1997. Lee has help other musicians out over the years -

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